The New Welcome Mat format is Live! The Austin Newcomer fiscal year ushers in a new method to pass club news on to members, faster, smarter, and more accessible. The Welcome Mat Club Newsletter will no longer in a printed format but will be available to all members instantly as it is released by our ANC Board Members to our new on-line ‘Welcome Mat Articles’ page. This page will contain articles on the latest ANC happenings and events (luncheons, happy hour meetings, and special events), new member announcements, club rule changes, ANC happenings in the Community, etc.

The details on the Interest Group Events will now only be available as they are released on the ANC members only Calendar so you can sign up for events as soon as they become available. This new format also makes it convenient to go back and research past ANC content with an easy search format by date and/or content type. Welcome to the instant information age! Explore the new format and watch the new content grow in the coming years! For those who are slow to adapt, the articles will be emailed to members every week if there are new articles. If you unsubscribed from ANC announcements, please subscribe again to enjoy this feature.