When you think about architecture in Austin, probably you think about the University of Texas Tower or the Frost Bank that resembles an owl. But Austin is a treasure trove of notable architecture both historic and modern. Lucky for us in September we will have an award winning architect to share his knowledge of Austin architecture.

Bud Franck, RA AIA was born in Corpus Christi, Texas and attended the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture as a Texas Excellence and National Merit Scholar. Since 2010 he has worked at Austin based Miro’ Rivera Architects on a range of award winning residential and commercial projects. In addition, Bud is an avid photographer, traveler, graphic designer, and collector. His architectural photography has won awards from the American Institute of Architects and the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Bud is a member of the inaugural class of the AIA Austin Leadership Collective and co-author of the AIA/AFA Guide to Austin Architecture, which is a guide to Austin’s unique places and spaces. 

We are honored to have Mr. Franck as our guest speaker in September. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about our very special city.

Cost is $40 / person. No cancellations or refunds after September 11.